Successful people aren’t born with a silver spoon. They don’t even have to be prodigies. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs aren’t even intellectuals who made it through college with a C-average. You don’t have to be a genius or an overachiever to be successful. You need personality traits that give you the drive to make a difference.


Entrepreneurs have to be doing what they love for more than money. They need passion for their product or service to keep going when money gets tight. What really fuels a successful person is the challenge to solve a problem or need. This passion fuels the person when everyone else is telling them to quit.


Entrepreneurs are visionaries, seeing opportunities that others might miss. Good entrepreneurs have long and short terms goals and stay focused, but more importantly, they look toward the future and see the plans that must be put into motion to make it happen.


The strongest entrepreneurs know how to bend without breaking and change course when things aren’t working effectively. Successful people can make modifications when they get new information without being thrown off course (too much).


Entrepreneurs believe in themselves. They don’t just think that their idea is good, they know it is. The most successful people have a strong sense of self to overcome all the naysayers and difficulties of starting something successful.

Ability to bounce back

Entrepreneurs are going to fail. Successful entrepreneurs have resilience, the ability to get up and learn from their mistakes. They won’t give up. They ask the tough questions, like “what went wrong?” “how can I change?” and “what did I learn?”

Successful entrepreneurs learn from setbacks and keep pushing forward, no matter how negative things look. If you need funding options that will help you take the next steps with your business ideas, contact Span Capital today.