Staying productive at work can be challenging, but important. We’re going to give you a bunch of tips on business productivity. Don’t try to implement all of the tips at once. Take one tip that you can use for 21 days, which is the time it takes to form a new habit. When you have one tip working for you, implement another tip. Learn what works for you to be more productive during your day.

Use technology to work more efficiently

Use software that runs in the background on your computer to measure your time and efforts. Learn what is a time suck and when you are most efficient. Some software reminds you to stay on track instead of wasting time on social media (or another site.) You may also find a to-do list that helps you remember what’s the most important thing on your plate.

Eat healthy and take breaks.

Sugar may give you an energy boost, but when it wears off, your energy crashes. Choose foods that will provide extended energy to get you through the afternoon, like nuts, fruit and proteins. Take time to eat lunch and get away from your desk. A 5-minute break can really improve business productivity.

Work on tasks in batches.

Check email all at once every three to four hours instead of answering emails as they come in. Work for a chunk of time, say 45 to 60 minutes on a project, then take a break and answer voicemails. If you have a task that you routinely avoid, knock it out in the morning when you’re usually at your best.

Prioritize your day.

Do the most important and urgent tasks first. Delegate unimportant tasks that aren’t urgent to give you more time. Remove distractions while you’re working on priority tasks. Don’t answer the phone or look at social media.

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